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Monday, March 21, 2016

Words of Wisdom

Just like People, every SHEEP  is different, every FARM is different & every FARMER is different. There is no cookie cutter approach.
The reason I posted this is because I often get asked, especially by folks new to the industry, "What do we do to achieve your success with Katahdins?" My answer is always, "Set your own business goals first. They will be different than mine, thus what you do with your sheep will be different". Start Small and start with Good Quality Stock. Auction animals have left the farm of origin for a reason.
As for basic sheep care, I will advise to use HUMANE TREATMENT, GOOD QUALITY FEED & STANDARD HEALTH CARE.
Lastly, and more specific to Women Shepherds, use your intuition when it comes to caring for ewes and lambs. We are the child bearers of our species, and in my opinion, gives us an intuitiveness into the reproduction process.
Happy Shepherding!

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