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Monday, July 18, 2016

Consistency Throughout The Flock

Since we are selling all our rams, some of our proven ewes and the majority of our 2016 ewe lambs, we get asked for pictures of each animal. Well, that is not always possible. What buyers need to know is that we have had a closed flock for 14 years, so our ewes are moms, daughters, granddaughters, great granddaughters because we only kept the most excellent producing lines. Also, we only brought in rams of the same quality.  
With that comes animals that ALL have EXCELLENT: Production, Feet, Teeth, Udders, Shed-ability. 
So asking for a picture of each individual is rather redundant since they are all very consistent.

Here are group pictures of our ewes, our rams & our 2016 lamb crop. Hope this helps folks know they are getting absolutely excellent & consistent genetics when buying Avery's Katahdins Breeding Stock. We don't keep &/or sell sub-standard stock. In fact, we end up butchering top quality stock as that is all we produce.

Ewes & a couple 2015 ewe lambs
 (won't be able to pick them out of the crowd)

Then Our Rams (2014 & 2015)

And our 2016 April Weaned Lambs

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  1. Looks like the sheep are in a hurry in the first picture. The picture looks great. Thanks for this amazing share and keep up the good work.